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Most taxi accidents come about when drivers don't indicate their turn and collide with another vehicle. If you have been in a taxi accident, you might be looking for a taxi accident lawyer to represent your case. Most taxi accidents are filed against the responsible company, and a diligent law firm like SOS-Accident can help you win the compensation you deserve. You can contact us by dialing +1 833 767 9222 and get a free consultation from our expert taxi accident lawyers.

Taxi Accident Lawyers Florida

According to CBSNews, taxi driving is the 11th most dangerous job in America, with 7 deaths per 100,000. If you get into a taxi cab accident in Florida, you must choose your lawyer carefully. Try to find a taxi accident lawyer who is fierce yet effective in winning the compensations you deserve. Most of the time, insurance and taxi cab companies might avoid paying compensation or give out a minimal amount.

Only an experienced taxi accident lawyer familiar with techniques and strategies insurance companies use to give you minimal settlement can help you fight your case. It's important to know that in a taxi accident, you are filing your lawsuit against the taxi cab company. For this reason, you will need a robust law firm with ample years of experience if you want to improve your chances of winning the compensation you deserve.

You can make your choice by getting a free consultation. A taxi accident attorney can help file your case and deal with legal paperwork. Your taxi accident injury lawyer FL will also demand compensation from the at-fault party.

If a settlement amount is offered, your taxi accident attorney will review the offer with you and share feedback. If you are unwilling to settle for the initially proposed settlement, your taxi accident attorney will prepare for a trial. However, most cases don't make it to practice because settlement offers can be accepted during the trial as well.

Taxi Cab Regulations in Florida

In Florida, taxi cab companies must adhere to these regulations to avoid getting their license canceled.
  • Taxi cabs are required by law to register with the state.
  • Taxi companies must carry taxi insurance.
  • A taxi needs to have a $50,000 property damage liability insurance policy and a Bodily Injury Liability coverage of $125 per person, $250,000 per occurrence as per Taxi law in Florida.
  • The no-fault insurance state law does not apply to taxi cabs.

Taxicab companies have a responsibility to maintain reasonably safe vehicles. This means they must have:
  • Collision coverage
  • Commercial auto liability insurance
  • Garage liability insurance
  • Physical damage insurance
  • Medical payment insurance
  • General liability insurance
  • Workers compensation insurance
  • Uninsured/ underinsured motorist insurance
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Special Insurance Requirements For Taxi Drivers in Florida

The state of Florida mandates its owners of taxi companies to carry insurance that protects innocent bystanders, passengers, and their drivers. These special requirements are set by the local Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) and may vary from state to state. Some states require taxi companies to purchase surety bonds, and some need workers' compensation insurance to protect against injuries that occur when the taxi cab driver is off work.

1. Auto Insurance and Taxi Insurance

Taxicab companies in Florida are required to purchase both auto insurance and taxi insurance for the safety of their passengers and their drivers. While auto insurance covers specific accidents, taxi insurance can cover several factors. These factors include coverage against theft, fire damage, vandalism, and car accident damages in which the driver is at fault. Moreover, it's optional to add business interruption insurance which pays the company when it's unable to do business.

2. Driver License

All drivers employed by the taxi cab company are required to have a valid license and at least 2 years of driving experience in the United States. The drivers must be between 25 and 65 without any disabilities like impaired vision or epilepsy.

3. Why Don't Taxi Companies Have Personal Injury Protection?

The taxi insurance law requires every company to carry Bodily Injury Insurance up to $125,000 per person, $250,000 for each taxicab accident, and $50,000 in property damage liability coverage.

Generally, taxi companies don't have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance in Florida. Since taxi companies are exempted from the no-fault motor vehicle act, they don't offer Personal Injury Coverage. At the same time, most vehicles require Personal Injury Protection insurance because it helps pay for medical expenses regardless of who caused the accident (no-fault).

4. Who Pays For My Medical Bill in Taxi Accidents?

In most cases, Bodily injury insurance will cover your medical bills and other damages. If a taxi cab company fails to meet these standards, you can reach out to any law firm in Florida and hire a taxi accident lawyer for legal representation. A taxi accident attorney will file the legal paperwork and collect evidence that will support your argument during the trial. Don't worry about paying. They work on a contingency fee basis where they will only charge you if you win compensation for your claim.

Compensation You Are Entitled to if You Are Injured in a Taxi Accident

Car accidents can be devastating. However, things get worse when you are a victim of a taxi accident. This means your lawsuit will be filed against the taxi company. In this situation, you should know your rights after an accident.

Protect Your Legal Rights After Taxi Accidents

Your first step after a car accident should ensure everyone is alright. Fleeing from the scene might charge you with hit and run, even if you are the victim. Secondly, you should protect your legal rights. Here is what you should do after going through a taxi accident when the driver is at fault.

1. Check For Injuries

Sometimes accident injuries aren't visible at first. You must thoroughly touch places you might think you are hurt to check if it hurts. Moreover, you should immediately call an ambulance to help others who are injured during the car accident.

2. Call 911

Subsequent to a car accident, you should call 911. When the police arrive at the scene of the accident, they take photographs and make notes. This information will help strengthen your case and prove liability. Moreover, it's your moral duty to inform the police after a car accident so that they can take necessary measures to save the victims.

3. Refrain From Making Contact with The Insurance Company of The Driver

Most of the time, insurance companies will call you to confirm the details of the accident. This is one of their strategies to find material evidence that can be used against you to reduce your personal injury compensation. Apologizing to the driver or the insurance company might also jeopardize your case. Moreover, you should refrain from signing any documents sent by the driver's insurance company unless advised by your taxi accident lawyer.

4. Contact a Taxi Accident Lawyer

After you have been cleared by a medical professional, you should exercise your rights by contacting a taxi accident lawyer. You are at liberty to file a personal injury claim against the taxi driver in Florida. Moreover, It's crucial to know that the taxi company and its insurance provider are not on your side. So giving any verbal statements might make things difficult for your lawyer.

Compensation You're Entitled To After Taxi Accident

The Tort Law entitles you to various compensations for personal injury after you have been through a car accident. However, winning the compensation you deserve rests in the hands of the law firm you decided to hire.

An experienced accident lawyer can recover a range of damages for the injuries you have sustained. These damages include:
  • Medical bills, including hospitalization, prescription drug costs, and rehabilitation costs
  • Lost wages, including the loss of future paychecks
  • Pain and suffering incurred due to the crash.
  • Personal property damages, including electronics or medical devices that are damaged by accident.

However, if the taxi company or its insurance providers refuse to settle outside court, you have the right to file a lawsuit for personal injury.

Non-Economic Damages

Accidents cause not only physical and monetary damages but also entail emotional and psychological trauma. These damages are known as non-economic damages because they don't have any monetary value or a medical bill. Non-economic injuries include pain and suffering, lost wages, mental anguish, lower quality of life, physical impairment, and physical disfigurement. If you have an experienced taxi accident lawyer on your side, you may be able to secure compensation for these damages as well.

Hire the Best Taxi Accident Lawyers in Florida

SOS Accident has over 40 years of experience in dealing with car accidents, workers' compensation, and many other litigations. Our expert taxi accident lawyers will assist you and represent you in case you sustain an injury anywhere in Florida due to someone else's actions. Moreover, we also provide a free consultation if you contact us by dialing +1 833 767 9222.

Common Questions
After a Taxi Accident in Florida

Motor vehicle accidents usually come about due to the carelessness of a driver. If your personal injury happened because of an accident, you are entitled to receive monetary compensation for it.

Since taxi drivers aren't subjugated under the Tort Law, you don't need to prove the tort threshold. Moreover, you don't need to prove that you have sustained a permanent injury to be entitled to compensation for:
  • mental anguish
  • pain and suffering
  • inconvenience
There is a vast difference between a taxi driver causing your injuries and an average Florida auto accident.

Taxi accident lawyers

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