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Personal injury in Spanish is "lesiones personales." No matter how easy your case is, if your lawyer doesn't understand your language, you won't stand a chance against the at-fault party in court. Communication is the secret ingredient to winning an injury case. Florida is home to 4,790,000 Hispanic people, and the odds are very high for you to find a Spanish speaking lawyer.

A Spanish speaking attorney born in America will know the law of your state and understand your language. However, if you are still looking for reasons to hire a Spanish speaking attorney, we have listed down ways your native speaker lawyer can help you during your trial.

Why You Should Hire A Spanish-Speaking Personal Injury Attorney

At SOS-Accident, we have fluent Spanish speaking lawyers with excellent command over Florida state laws.

Moreover, a Spanish speaking lawyer can bridge the gap between a client and the judicial system. You might not understand what the judge or the officer is saying, but that's okay; with Spanish injury lawyers, you can rest assured that your message and story will be conveyed to the court.

Spanish Speaking Attorneys Can Avoid Confusion And Provide Better Representation

Injury lawyers need to access resourceful information from their clients for their practice areas. If you can't explain your story to your injury lawyer, your chances of winning are greatly reduced. There is no worse situation between a lawyer and their client than being unable to communicate properly. At one point, you will be frustrated with your case and decide to go for an early settlement.

However, with a Spanish-speaking attorney, you can avoid confusion and comfortably share your story. Opening up to your attorney will allow them to be prepared for the worse and mitigate surprises. This will cultivate trust as communication flourishes.

A Spanish Speaking Injury Attorney Provides Better Representation

Regardless of how well experienced your attorney is, you won't go far without clear communication. A Spanish-speaking attorney can represent your case better because he/she will understand you better. Otherwise, the lack of communication will have the judge rule the decision against you.

Your confidence in their abilities makes such lawyers think they can fight your case—however, it's best to hire a native speaking lawyer so that you feel comfortable communicating.
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Benefits of Hiring a Spanish-Speaking Attorney in Florida

The legal community is flourishing with Spanish language skills, and that's for a good reason. Around 41 million people in the United States of America speak Spanish. If your primary language is English, you won't have a hard time finding the best attorney. However, if your native language is Spanish, finding an attorney might be difficult for you. According to Hispanic National Bar Association, there are only 4% hispanic lawyers in the USA. There are countless reasons for you to hire a Spanish speaking personal injury attorney; however, we have listed down some main reasons that will help you understand why Spanish speaking personal injury attorneys are beneficial for your case.


As we have stated above, attorney-client trust is crucial to winning any case. If you are comfortable sharing all the details of your personal injury case with your injury attorneys, they will be prepared for surprises in the courtroom. However, hesitating to speak and lack of faith in your personal injury attorneys might cause you more trouble than you think.

Building trust is challenging, but if the clients find a similarity or cultural belonging, they are automatically inclined towards trusting their personal injury attorney. This sense of belonging is only possible through trust, which is cultivated through effective communication.


The second most crucial part of winning a personal injury case is communication. When your lawyer cannot understand you and vice versa, it creates confusion, which reflects in the courtroom. No matter how accomplished an English-speaking personal injury lawyer might seem, language barriers might cause you to lose your trial.

Eliminating Misunderstanding

You might think that translation apps will help you to communicate effectively, but this is a bad idea for several reasons. For starters, such apps are computer-generated programs that can't effectively deliver the meaning of your words. Secondly, a courtroom is very strict and records everything you say or do. Saying something that translates into a different story can create misunderstandings that might cause you to lose your personal injury case.

Sense of Ownership

Hispanics are community-oriented people, and they look after each other. You know well that a Spanish speaking attorney will go out of his/her way to win the case because you share the same community. This creates a sense of trust, affection and your Spanish speaking attorney will automatically be more invested in your case than any other lawyer you hire.
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Spanish Speaking Lawyer Near Me

If you have been searching for a "Spanish speaking lawyer near me," then you are in the right place.

SOS-Accident - Houses the Best Spanish-Speaking Personal Injury Attorneys

Your quest to find the best "Spanish speaking lawyers near me" can rest now that you have discovered SOS-Accident. With a strong team of diligent Spanish lawyers, we are more than capable of handling your car accident case, slip and fall, bicycle accident, workers' compensation claim. Bus accident, pedestrian accident and truck accident cases. SOS-Accident has won cases such as a minor fender-bender to complicated accident cases. Their Spanish speaking lawyers are the best at what they do, and they are fully aware of Florida state laws.

How Can A Spanish Speaking Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me Win Compensation For My Case?

A Spanish speaking personal injury lawyer can help you both outside and inside the court. When you are filing a claim for your compensation, you might not be familiar with the paperwork and other things that go with it. Contacting a fluent Spanish speaking personal injury attorney can save you from making costly mistakes and other problems that may arise during your trial.

1. A Spanish Speaking Lawyer Can Help With Paperwork

Aside from clear communication and representing your case, your Spanish speaking lawyer can help you with paperwork that goes before trial. You might not be able to read or write English, and a translator might not do much to decipher the legal language. In this situation, your best bet is to hire a Spanish speaking lawyer who will read through the paperwork and help you in filing your case.

2. A Spanish-Speaking Lawyer Can Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes

There are plenty of things that can go wrong when you file your compensation claim. The worst situation you can find yourself in is when your statement to the police doesn't match with what you have written in your form. This can happen because you weren't fluent in English. This mistake can manifest into a massive problem during the trial. The best time to contact a Spanish speaking lawyer is when you are filing your case to avoid any critical mistakes. Moreover, you will be under the eye of a legal expert, and you might pick up a few things along the way about how the law works.

Translator or a Spanish-Speaking Lawyer?
Your Best Choice

While using a translator might seem like a cost-effective option, it might not be the best thing to do when dealing with legal terms. The legal language and its words are slightly different from natural language, and translators fail to decipher them correctly.

On the other hand, Spanish injury lawyers can translate the legal terms naturally for you to understand. Moreover, you can't use a translator in court, so hiring injury lawyers that speak Spanish is your best option.

Spanish speaking accident lawyers

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