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Our team consists of a group of caring people, who have dedicated their lives to helping injured people. If you or your loved ones have been injured in an accident, then your first plan of action should be calling SOS Accident.

Injured people who don't get supported by a team of experienced professionals, often find themselves in an overwhelming and extremely stressful situation. Without the right support, you will feel alone and unsure about what should be done or who you could turn to. It is very easy for an individual to feel frustrated and confused with the sheer amount of information, phone calls, and paperwork involved.

Our team has over 40 years of experience in the no-fault injury claim industry and our streamlined services can help take the entire stress off your shoulders. We can assist you in hiring a lawyer or choosing medical professionals for your needs. In addition, we also speak your language and we will translate the most complicated processes into simple terms.

We can help you navigate through the legal and medical process until you regain your health and have recovered 100% of your financial losses, which were caused directly due to the accident.
Our Mission
Our mission here, at SOS ACCIDENT, is to make medical and legal assistance and information freely and easily accessible to our clientele. To achieve this, we strive to work closely with our clients and make their post-accident processes as straightforward and less time consuming as possible.
How It Works
SOS ACCIDENT's leading services in this niche of law have positioned it to be among the most trafficked legal websites on the Internet. Most of our clients come seeking medical and law-related information or assistance.

If you have been in an accident, your safety should be your top priority. For this reason, you should always call 911 so you can receive immediate medical attention. Once this has been done, you can even file a police report and secure evidence in the form of witnesses or objects found at the scene.

Once all of the above is done, you can call SOS Accident and we'll take it from there. What's even better is that our teams are available for guidance 24/7, via telephone lines. Our team of experts will support you by providing you (or referring you to):
  • 1
    Free case evaluation
  • 2
    Attorney referral
  • 3
    A personalized service
  • 4
    Transportation services
  • 5
    System for case management
  • 6
    Free medical facility locator
  • 7
    Department service scheduling
  • 8
    Know who you're mailing
  • 9
    Assigning temporary managers for your firm
  • 10
    Quality medical providers
  • 11
    Over 100 locations in Florida
  • 12
    24/7 availability
The Difference Between Legal Practices and Services
Legal practices are very different from legal services, and their differences are more than just a semantic distinction. Nowadays, just being a lawyer doesn't quite cut it. You see, legal service providers can often do or engage in inter-disciplinary practices such as project managers, accountants, engineers, technologists, etc.

Additionally, top service providers in the state, such as SOS ACCIDENT, have invested in not only technologies but also project managers in order to promote efficiency and streamline legal services for their clientele.

Of course, these teams of legal professionals still sift through huge amounts of data while maintaining privilege logs, like traditional lawyers. However, now they do so in the form of a partnership model that performs legal functions and also works with other low-cost service providers to offer a truly 360-degree service.
We Have Helped Injured People All Over Florida
We are very proud to call Fort Myers our home, however, our services are available for people who have been in an accident anywhere in the Sunshine State. In fact, our team of professionals is constantly traveling around Florida to help our client's basic needs. This includes:
  • North Fort Myers
  • Fort Myers Beach
  • Cape Coral
  • Hendry County
  • Bonita Springs
  • Saint James City
  • Bokeelia
  • Sanibel
  • Lee County
  • Pineland
  • Captiva
  • Alva
  • Estero
  • Lehigh Acres
  • Charlotte County
  • Collier County
  • Southwest Florida
Have You Been Injured Recently?
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We are an experienced medical and attorney referral service that will connect you to personal injury doctors and lawyers.

In addition to this, you can also request a free consultation with our licensed experts by contacting us via email info@injurylawfla.com or our phone number +1 833 767 9222
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