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7.18 miles away from Fort Myers, Fl is the beautiful city of Cape Coral. Though it's a perfect place for retirement life, it's not free from accidents and injuries. Although the number is significantly lower, if you find yourself in a car crash in Cape Coral, get in touch with a lawyer to help you file your claim. If you are wondering what to share and ask your attorney, we are here to help you. Read this article to the end, and you will know everything about dealing with a Cape Coral car accident attorney.

Should I Hire a Cape Coral Auto Accident Attorney For a Rear-End Car Accident?

If you have been in a rear-end car accident in Cape Coral, Florida, you probably have no idea what to do. However, you can effectively manage this situation and turn things in your favor if you have a personal injury lawyer on speed-dial.

A car accident lawyer in Cape Coral can handle the legal matters for you while you focus on recovering. Moreover, Cape Coral lawyers value their clients and can recommend doctors as well. Finally, your lawyer can also tell you how to react in a car crash so that you don't say or do anything that could jeopardize your case.

Steps to Take After a Cape Coral Car Crash

If you don't have a lawyer yet, then don't worry. Fortunately, anyone can take these basic steps after a Cape Coral car accident.

Check for Injuries

Your first thought after a car accident should be to check yourself for injuries. If you have sustained any damages, you must go to a doctor within 14 days of your car accident. Otherwise, your insurance claim would be denied.

Call 911

It never hurts to pull over and check on the other person. Instead of fleeing from the scene, you should call the police immediately to report any injuries. Moreover, sharing insurance information is also a good idea. This way, your insurance company will handle the payment matters.

Take Photos of The Scene

Gathering evidence is crucial in a car accident in Cape Coral because you never know what can be used against you during an insurance claim. Moreover, personal injury claims can be messy, so make sure you have enough evidence to support your claim.

Collect Witness Information

Collecting contact information from eyewitnesses is an excellent idea to strengthen your story. Sometimes, the court might not accept your pictures of the car accident scene. However, if you have witnesses ready to back your account, you can definitely win the compensation you deserve.

Hire a Vehicle Accident Injury Lawyer

Receiving the compensation you deserve can be challenging. Instead of taking legal matters into your own hands, you should reach out to the best Cape Coral car accident lawyer. An attorney with courtroom experience can help you win a substantial amount from the at-fault party. Your Cape Coral car accident lawyer might offer free case consultation. Moreover, such lawyers value their clients' trust and keep their information private.
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Why Do I Need a Car Accident Lawyer Cape Coral?

In a no-fault state like Florida, people automatically assume that rear-end car accidents will have them turn to their own insurance for medical bill coverage. But there is a catch; only 80% of your bills will be covered, and usually, your policy will carry a deductible of up to $1000. Do you want to be stuck with the bills? Call SOS Accident to find out how a lawyer can help you. The attorney-client relationship is important to us, and we know that you want your matters to be private.

Is No-Fault Insurance Mandatory?

Florida is a No-Fault insurance state for automobile liability insurance. This means that every driver must have a minimum Personal Injury Protection coverage of $10,000. A motorist can use this coverage to pay for losses they sustained during an accident.

These policies work to quickly provide compensation that covers injuries and loss of wages caused by a minor car crash like a fender bender. Their limits can cover a visit to the emergency room, but coverage does not extend beyond that. However, all accidents are not minor, and some people experience catastrophic injuries that require years of ongoing care.

When a person sustains serious injuries, they can obtain the required compensation through additional options.
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3 Common Injuries in a Cape Coral Car Accident

If you got injured in a car crash, you should reach out to personal injury lawyers to file a recovery claim. The compensation you win will cover your medical bills and help you return to your everyday life. Experienced accident lawyers provide free case consultation to their clients and help them get their life together. Here are some common injuries you might experience in a Cape Coral car crash.

1. Tendon Injuries

Tendon injury is a muscular gash experienced when the muscle is pulled or pressured on. The forward or backward thrust of an accident might cause a tendon injury that won't be visible at first. If you feel uneasiness or pain in the backbone or neck, you should immediately visit a doctor and report your medical records within 14 days to your insurance providers.

2. Scrapes, Bruises and Cuts

In a car crash, things get out of control. If your car is hit from the front, your windshield might break, causing scrapes and cuts. Moreover, you might also get cut by loose projectiles in the car like your phone. Though these injuries might seem minor at first glance, a doctor can check to see any permanent or hidden damage.

3. Concussion

Traumatic head injuries can have complications that last for a very long time. This would require frequent monthly visits to the doctor and would end in a hefty medical bill. A Cape Coral car accident lawyer can challenge the insurance company on your behalf to help you exercise your rights and claim your compensation for expenses and suffering caused.

What Do Cape Coral Car Crash Attorneys Charge?

If you are worried you won't be able to pay your personal injury attorney, then don't be. In Fort Myers, personal injury lawyers work on contingency fee agreements meaning they will take a percentage cut of your case settlement. In case the decision is not in your favor, you won't have to pay your lawyer. The contingency fee varies but typically ranges from 25 - 40%, and 33% is pretty standard.
Questions to ask a Cape Coral car accident lawyer

The Best Cape Coral Car Accident Lawyer You Can Hire

When it's a matter of fighting for your rights against an insurance company, you should always hire the best car accident lawyer Cape Coral for your case. You can find a team of diligent and meticulous car accident lawyers who value attorney-client relationships at SOS-Accident. Our team understands the pain you are going through, and we work efficiently to help you win the compensation you deserve. You can call us for a free case evaluation by dialing +1 833 767 9222, and we will be happy to share your legal expertise with you.

Common Question During Cape Coral Car Accident Settlement

When you talk with a Cape Coral car accident lawyer, you may not know what to ask. To ensure that they can assist you as much as possible, you should seek answers to the following questions.
Do I have to report a car accident to the police?
Yes, you must report your car accident to the Cape Coral police because this will help you strengthen your side of the story. Moreover, you should also collect evidence from the accident site and contact information of eyewitnesses. You never know what can be used against you in court, so make sure you have your defense tightened up.
How can I get a copy of the crash report for my car accident?
To get a copy of your crash report, you should contact the police department that reported your crash and file a request. You can do this by either visiting in person, sending an email, or online depending on your police department.
How is fault determined in a car crash?
Eyewitnesses and evidence is the key to determining the fault in an auto accident. In case the responsibility is not clear, there are traffic cameras that can shed further light on the event. Therefore, collecting witness information is important because it helps come clean in the eyes of the law.
Should I accept an early settlement offer?
Your settlement money has a vital role to play in your recovery. This amount will help you cover your medical bills and other treatments necessary to start a normal life. In case of a severe car accident, injury are not visible at first. Sometimes medical problems start showing up after years. You should keep all these factors in mind when you decide to settle for an early offer because once you agree, there is no coming back from it.
How long after a car accident should I see a doctor?
It is recommended that you see a doctor within 72 hours after the accident to be assessed for related injuries. Even though your body seems fine on the surface, there might be internal bleeding or other damages that will show up with time. If you go to a doctor within 72 hours, your medical diagnosis will determine all the injuries you have sustained and what you might face in the future due to an accident. Your Cape Coral accident lawyer can use all of this information to help you win the compensation you deserve.

Cape coral car accident lawyers

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