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The state of Florida is number one in the USA for motorcycle accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic survey, 467 motorcyclists die in accidents each year. Florida is clearly facing a problem that needs to be fixed urgently. Yearly, over 500 motorcyclists die in Florida, and the number keeps increasing. In 2015, 20% of fatal accidents involved motorcyclists. Besides traditional risk factors like alcohol, warm weather appears to correlate with motorcycle accidents. If a loved one has been through a motorcycle accident in Fort Myers, you may be able to recover compensation under the state's wrongful death sentence. Similarly, if your loved one's property has been damaged in an accident, you may be able to recover for the injuries suffered and damages to the property under the Florida Negligence Law with the help of a fort myers motorcycle accident lawyer. In this article, we will share everything you need to know about motorcycle accidents and what motorcycle accident lawyers need to file a claim.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries Statistics

The thrill of speeding on an open road can be tempting, but it's best to avoid taking such risks. One of the reasons Florida has the highest number of motorcycle accidents is because it has beautiful roads. Most riders lose their sense of responsibility under the temptation of experiencing the thrill of speeding, leading to a devastating crash. Moreover, there are plenty of Fort Myers bikes registered in Florida. According to Statista, there are 591.267 registered motorcycles in 2019. Though it's not directly linked to accidents, a higher number of dangerous two-wheeled vehicles will lead to a tragic consequence.

Do Elderly Motorists Cause Accidents?

Most likely than not, another reason for motorcycle crashes in Florida is due to the state's elderly population. While some assume elderly motorcyclists are mature motorists, others tend to believe that they have impaired vision, which causes accidents. It's a debate-worthy topic that leads to nowhere. The increasing number of motorcycle crashes is becoming a problem for Florida, and highlighting what causes them has become crucial.
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Fort Myers Motorcycle Accident Causes

Although motorcycle safety equipment has advanced over the years, riders still get injured from severe accidents. No matter how responsible you are on the saddle, it only takes one drunk, speeding, or negligent driver to cause a tragic wreck. Fortunately, motorists and travelers on the road can mitigate motorcycle accidents by learning their reasons and not repeating them on the road. Finally, if your loved one has been through a motorcycle accident, you should reach out to a Fort Myers motorcycle accident lawyer for help.

1. Negligence Is a Breach of Duty

Negligence is the main reason for motorcycle crashes in Florida; however, this is rarely proven in court. Since the word negligence holds a unique meaning during a trial, a Fort Myers motorcycle accident lawyer who is not experienced cannot prove negligence. By definition, negligence is the basis of liability in a motorcycle accident. In simple terms, every driver has a responsibility to protect others' life and property, including themselves. If a Fort Myers motorcycle crash lawyer can prove that the other party involved in the accident breached their duty, the court would favor the motorcyclist. The other party can breach this duty by driving too fast or too slow. Neglecting traffic laws is also considered a breach of duty because it's every citizen's responsibility to follow traffic laws.

2. Motorcyclist Are Reckless

Contrary to popular belief, motorcyclists are quite responsible on the road. The truth is that drivers are mostly responsible for motorcycle accidents and fatalities. Not paying attention when turning or ignoring indicators can lead to tragic wreckage where most motorcyclists meet their end. A study conducted by researchers from the University of South Florida's Center for Urban Transportation found that 60 percent of motorcycle crashes involving another vehicle were the fault of the other vehicle's driver and not the motorcyclist. Such accidents happen because motorcycles are not bulky, and most drivers assume that making a turn close to them won't cause an accident. So, when a car comes close to another, the driver doesn't feel threatened. However, motorcyclists might lose their balance in this situation because they are riding without much protection.

3. Cars Turning Left

Nearly half of all motorcycle accidents are because of a car recklessly turning left. These accidents are very common at intersections where riders try to overtake cars. When drivers don't pay attention while turning, motorcyclists collide with their side of the car, and the impact throws the rider off balance. In this situation, both rider and the driver are at fault. To mitigate this issue, it's best for motorcyclists to carefully approach intersections and drivers to watch their sides before turning.

4. Head-On Collisions

One of the most dangerous situations motorcyclists can find themselves in is a head-on collision. Head-on usually happens when a driver crosses their lane and comes in front of oncoming traffic. Nearly 78% of these situations result in motorcyclists suffering from fatal injuries. If your loved one has been in a situation like this, you should take help from the best accident attorneys to present your case in court.

5. Road Hazards and Fixed Objects

Not all tragic motorcycle accidents are caused because of negligent drivers. Some accidents occur due to fixed objects on the road. Though these small fixed objects might not do much to a car, motorcyclists can lose their balance when they come in contact with a fixed object and face severe injuries. A slight bump or the front wheel hits a fixed object on the road, the motorcycle thrusts upwards, and the biker loses control. Moreover, road hazards can also lead to motorcycle accidents. Dead animals, potholes, uneven lanes, and several irregularities can lead to a tragic situation for the motorcyclist.

6. Running a Red Light

When a motorcyclist or a car driver runs a red light, it can result in a devastating accident causing massive injuries. Hiring an experienced lawyer motorcycle accident is your best bet to winning the case in this situation. Despite the harsh consequences, most Fort Myers drivers tend to hit the gas at yellow light. Running a red light is taken as negligence of traffic laws because it poses threat for others on the road. The crash might result in throwing the motorcyclists off their vehicle. In case of damages to you or your motorcycle you can contact us for legal advice.

7. Speeding

Whether it's the driver of a car or a motorcyclist hitting full throttle, it will result in a tragic collision. Speeding not only increases chances for a crash, but it makes it all the more devastating. Many motorcycle accidents are caused due to speeding and most victims refrain from hiring an accident attorney. They believe it was their fault; however, in a Myers motorcycle accident, there are multiple factors taken into consideration an accident attorney is familiar with.

8. Weaving Through Traffic

Road is a dangerous place and being fast or weaving through traffic can cause severe injuries. Fort Myers allows motorcyclists to occupy a full lane but this does not mean they can weave through traffic. When the traffic is stop-and-go a driver might not notice a speeding motorcyclist coming close. This can cause an accident and dreadful injuries to both the parties. Motorcyclist should avoid speeding and stick to their lane to prevent any unprecedented collision on the road.

9. Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is a problem for motorcyclists just like it is for all drivers in Fort Myers. Anyone who is under the influence of alcohol is a danger to the safety of others on the road. If you are convicted of drunk driving you will receive criminal penalties and fine. Hiring an accident attorney, if you were injured by a drunk driver is the right decision because the case can get complicated. Only an experienced accident attorney knows how to handle things in court so make sure you chose your best line of defense.

10. Riding in Other Vehicles Blind Spot

Motorcycles are relatively small and hard to spot when driving. Sometimes, crashes occur because a motorcyclist was riding in the blind spot of another vehicle. Fort Myer riders should be aware of this fact and try to stay in the visible zone of the passenger vehicle. This will keep them safe from injuries and accidents of all sorts and help them in their case.

How Can Fort Myers Motorcycle Accidents Lawyers Help?

If you are facing injuries from a motorcycle accident you may deserve financial compensation. In nearly all accident cases in Fort Myers, the crash occurs when either one or both drivers are at fault. When drivers don't pay attention to the traffic laws, they are liable to pay for the damages and injuries caused. However, your accident attorney will tell you whether you are eligible for compensation or not. So make sure you hire the best one.
Fort Myers Motorcycle accident lawyer

Rights of Fort Myers Motorcyclist

Floridian's must understand that motorcyclists have equal rights as any other traveler on the road. In terms of responsibility, motorcyclists cannot ride between two lanes. If you think that the driver in the car behind you is honking their car horn and asking you not to occupy a full lane with your small vehicle is right, think again. Florida treats motorcycles like any other vehicle on the road by providing the right to use a full lane of traffic.

What to Do After a Fort Myers Motorcycle Accident

Although Florida's weather is great for motorcyclists to go for a joyride, they are the most vulnerable individuals on the road. They lack the protection features vehicle occupants enjoy, and their best defense is a jacket and a helmet. However, no matter how much you protect yourself, accidents happen. But knowing what to do after a motorcycle accident in Florida is very important, and we are here to tell you.

1. Inform the Police

After a road accident, police will most likely show up, but this does not mean that your case has been filed. It's your responsibility to file your case and explain your story. Taking this step strengthens your position, and the party at fault can't change its statements. There have been many accidents where the party at fault has promised to pay for damages to prevent the victims from recording their statements, only to go to the police and share their side of the story first. This way, the party at fault can manipulate information and file a case against you. Be careful of people's intentions, and don't get manipulated by such people.

2. File a Claim for Compensation

Your first step should be protecting your rights and filing a claim under Florida's statute of limitations to receive compensation from the parties at fault. Having an experienced Myers motorcycle accident lawyer by your side can increase your chances of winning your case. However, you have to inform the police immediately after the accident to protect your story. The party who reports the case first has the upper hand in the court, so make sure you file your report on time with the police.

3. Seek Medical Attention

Although this seems obvious, most motorcyclists in Fort Myers avoid going to the doctor because they believe they are okay. The damage caused in a Fort Myers motorcycle accident might not become visible immediately. Sometimes concussion or internal bleeding goes unnoticed and manifests into a bigger problem. It's best to visit a medical professional in Fort Myers after a motorcycle accident to get a full body checkup for any damages. This checkup will also help strengthen your case if you hire a motorcycle accident lawyer in Florida because the party at fault will become liable to pay for your medical expense.

4. Gather Evidence

Don't assume people are saints who will wait and help you get back on your feet. Sometimes, when Fort Myers drivers know they are at 100% fault, they tend to escape from the crime scene as quickly as possible. Gathering as much evidence as you can in this situation is very important. The best way to protect your case and yourself is to install a dashcam on your motorcycle. This way, you will be collecting video footage of your entire trip, and the guilty person would be caught on camera immediately.

5. File Insurance Claim

Filing an insurance claim in Fort Myers as soon as possible is the key to receiving money for damages. If you take time and make a late submission, your insurance company in Fort Myers might reject your claim under the count of a false attempt. Many people have lost thousands of dollars worth of insurance claims because they were late. It would be best if you didn't allow your insurance money to go to waste. Filing an insurance claim might be challenging after an accident, but it's very important.

6. Stay off Social Media

While social media might seem like a perfect place to raise your voice against unfair treatment, it's best to stay off for a while until your insurance claim has been approved. Most insurance companies scrutinize claims for motorcycle accidents to reduce or reject them, and they will scrutinize your social media profile to find places where they can reduce your claim. Moreover, they will also check for any prior motorcycle accident on your social media to ensure you are not trying to commit fraud. Your best bet is to stay off social media until your insurance claim has been approved.

Suing for Wrongful Death - Fort Myers Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you have lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident in Florida, you can file a wrongful death lawsuit. This lawsuit can help you get compensation for funeral expenses, after-death medical expenses, and the pain and suffering you experienced. Your compensation can help you cover the following costs.

  • Loss of consortium
  • Lost companionship
  • Lost counsel
  • Lost income
  • Lost inheritances
  • Lost investments

Hire The Fort Myers Motorcycle Accident Lawyers At SOS Accidents

Many motorcyclists fall victim to reckless driving and negligence in Florida. If you get involved in a motorcycle accident due to such reasons, file a compensation claim for damages caused to you and your property. Know your legal options by hiring an experienced Florida motorcycle accident lawyer. SOS Accidents is an accomplished law firm in Fort Myers that has some of the best motorcycle accident lawyers, and they have won millions of dollars in compensation for their clients. In negotiation or litigation against a negligent party or an insurance company, our lawyers can help you recover the money you have spent on medical expenses, pain and suffering damages, mental anguish, and consortium loss in a motorcycle accident. You can expect our lawyers to fight your case whole-heartedly and achieve highly favorable results for you.

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