Swimming Pool Accident

One of the most enjoyable aspects of living in South Florida is that pools can often be utilized year around. However, swimming pools can be very hazardous without the right protections in place. The second most common cause of death in this country for children under the age of 15 is from drowning. Other serious injuries include pool pumps that malfunction and cause intestinal damages when children become stuck over the powerful pumps. Slipping and falling on wet floors around pools is another common form of injury.

Whether a pool injury occurs on your home, a friend or acquaintance’s property, public or commercial property, a West Palm Beach swimming accident attorney may be able to hold the negligent parties responsible for the injury or death from a swimming pool accident.

Even in cases where the accident was caused while trespassing, Florida law provides that the pool owner can be held responsible. One reason is because landowners in Florida owe a duty of reasonable care to children who trespass on their property because of an attractive nuisance. Swimming pools that may be accessible to trespassing children are one example of the types of attractive nuisances that requires landowners to exercise care towards trespassing children.

Florida also enacted the Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act, which requires that all pool owners with pools built after the year 2000 to maintain a cover, barrier, or otherwise restrict access to a pool or Jacuzzi by children. Failure to comply with the Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act will allow most parents of a trespassing child injured in an open pool to bring a lawsuit of negligence per se against the landowner.

If a child or adult is injured due to faulty pool equipment, a claim may be brought against the manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer of the equipment. If repairs were negligently made to faulty equipment the person who made the repairs may also be subject to liability.

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