Pharmaceutical Liability

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Pharmaceuticals are supposed to heal, comfort, and protect. Unfortunately, not all work as they're supposed to Ð and some can cause severe problems, even death. In recent years, three popular drugs -- Vioxx;, Bextra;, and Celebrex; -- have been linked to heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, and other serious side effects.

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Manufacturers either failed to do the proper investigative studies before releasing their products or, worse, released them in spite of troubling data. Either way the end result has been the same: People have suffered, needlessly. The drug companies were supposed to be on your side. But they weren't.

We can't undo the damage, but we can help obtain redress and accountability. We can also help ensure that drug manufacturers take safety more seriously a lesson they still haven't learned.

While Merck pulled Vioxx from the market in September 2004, and Pfizer withdrew Bextra the following April, Celebrex another Pfizer drug continues to be sold. The medications have caused untold harm but now it's their makers who have reason to be worried. Consider:

85 million patients took Vioxx;; 20 million in the United States alone.

According to the Food and Drug Administration tally, more than 27,500 Vioxx ; users suffered heart attacks as a result of taking the anti-arthritis medication -- and that number could go way up.

The FDA and other researchers have reported that Vioxx; users are more than three times as likely to suffer a stroke or heart attack. And there is evidence that Merck knew about the dangers as early as 2000 but continued to sell the drug for four more years.

Little wonder, then, that some 5,000 Vioxx lawsuits have already been filed. Merck faces a potential $18.5 billion liability (if a proposed settlement, for $4.85 billion, falls through). Celebrex, a similar drug, has so far shown a slightly added risk. But studies are still ongoing, and patients who have used the medication need to keep an eye on what the research, and the evidence, concludes.

One thing, however, is certain: Pharmaceutical companies know how to fight a court case, and they have the resources to litigate and delay a valid claim for years. That's why it is essential that those who have been harmed by their mistakes, and negligence, choose their lawyers wisely.