Nurse Wins Negligence Case against Property Manager

January 1, 2012

A pedestrian who was struck by a car has won a $1.85 million judgment from a Broward County jury.

Peggy Ann Cavallaro was riding her bicycle and was struck by a car at a pedestrian crosswalk in the Sunrise residential complex where she lives.

Ms. Cavallaro, mother of two and a pediatric intensive care nurse, suffered a fractured tibia, underwent three operations, and suffered chronic neurological pain. After the accident, she attempted to return to her job at Miami Children’s Hospital, but had to leave after six months for health reasons.

Attorney William E. Johnson, on behalf of Ms. Cavallaro, filed a negligence suit against the property management company of the residential complex alleging that it was negligent in failing to maintain a stop sign at the pedestrian crossing. A stop sign had previously been at the crosswalk, and one was required according to the construction plans.

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