Folding Bike Recall

William E. Johnson
July 17, 2013

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Stile Products announced on June 27, 2013 that the Tern folding bike would be recalled after it became apparent that the bike’s frame is prone to cracking at the folding point, resulting in a fall hazard.   

Although this hazard has reportedly only resulted in scrapes and bruises, the potential for much graver injuries exists. When bicycle components fail while a person is travelling at a high rate of speed, the possibility for traumatic injuries occur increases greatly. These risks are multiplied in urban areas where bikes share road space with cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles.

Bicycle manufacturers, like all product manufactures, owe a duty of care to the consumers and end users of their products. If the manufacturer makes a defective bicycle, they may be held liable in a products liability lawsuit. There are several types of products liability lawsuits: design defect, manufacturing defect, and defective warning.

In design defect products liability cases a consumer must prove that the manufacture’s bike was produced as intended, but is inherently unsafe. Consumers bringing manufacturing defect lawsuits must show that the manufacturer made some mistake in the production of the bike that causes the bike to pose a hazard that causes damage. In a defective warning case a consumer must show that the instructions and warnings on the product were insufficient. Additionally, bicycle manufacturers may negligently design a product, which requires an additional step in showing that the product manufacturer acted unreasonably.

Defective product manufacturers must be held responsible for placing hazardous products into the hands of the public. If you or your loved one has been injured by a defective bicycle or other product contact the West Palm Beach products liability attorneys at the Law Offices of William E. Johnson P.A. Schedule a free consultation by calling 561-832-4848 today.