Nap Nanny Recalled due to Infant Deaths

William E. Johnson
July 8, 2013

Nap NannyLast week the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission(CPSC)  announced that the Nap Nanny, a popular children’s product, was again being voluntarily recalled.  The Nap Nanny is a recliner that allows babies to sleep at a slanted angle. The CPSC reports that 5 deaths and many injuries have been linked to the Nap Nanny and similar products. The problems are apparently due to children falling off the recliner. Allegedly some of the injuries occurred even when the infant was strapped into the product.

The Nap Nanny was first recalled in 2010, before it was re released with design changes and a new warning label. The product was not exactly inexpensive at $130, but parents have enjoyed using the product to help keep their children comfortable so they can fall asleep.

This recent recall was voluntary, although voluntary is a strong way of putting it when you consider that the CSPC had filed a claim against the manufacturer of the Nap Nanny, to force it to recall the product.

When product manufacturers design a product that creates unreasonable hazards to consumers and others simply by using the product as directed, the manufacturer, distributor, and retailer may be held liable for the damages the product causes.

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