Florida Traffic Lights to Stay Yellow Longer

William E. Johnson
July 19, 2013

The Florida Department of Transportation recently announced that it will allow yellow lights to stay yellow for .4 seconds longer on state managed roads and streets with red-light cameras. The decision came after a Florida news program found that the state increased its revenue from traffic light citations after shortening yellow light time. Although, FDOT officials deny that the report had anything to do with the decision to lengthen yellow time; FDOT claims that the change was initiated to give drivers more time to appropriately react based on national research on the issue.

Although state officials claim that the red light cameras were installed to reduce the amount of traffic accidents, in West Palm Beach the number of crashes increased significantly where the cameras were installed. The Palm Beach county cameras have also not generated any revenue for the region; all money made from them has been used to pay the Arizona company that runs the system. In fact the 10 red light cameras in unincorporated Palm Beach County have cost more than $150,000 more than the fines they have generated. The city of West Palm Beach has lost even more money due to the cameras, at least $200,000.

Though Palm Beach County has reportedly not shortened yellow light times, it says that it will comply with the state’s plan to increase yellow light times, in order to improve conformity. The County hopes that doing so will reduce accidents.

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