Children's Injuries at School

William E. Johnson
June 27, 2013

The law of negligence establishes that certain relationships create a higher duty of care than others. One example is the school-pupil relationship. Schools, even public schools, owe a higher duty of care to their students than they do to the general public. This is because parents have entrusted the school with the care for the child and because the school receives funding to provide the student with a safe and appropriate education.

Injuries at SchoolAlthough not every accident that occurs at a school is the responsibility of the school or staff, when a school fails its duty of care, it may be held liable. School staff are required to act as any reasonable employee with similar skills and training would act under the circumstances. If a staff member has extra skills or training to respond to a situation, they will be held to that higher standard of care.

Some examples of when a school might violate it duty of care to students is in requiring students to participate in tasks that could harm the student. This is one big reason why many schools require parents to sign waivers of liability before participating in field trips. However, after school activities that may cause harm to a student, such as after school sports or other types of extracurricular activities, also fall into the category of activities that a school must supervise to ensure that students are safe.

If your child has been injured at school contact a Palm Beach County child injury attorney right away. Florida law restricts the ability to bring lawsuits after a time period, known as the statute of limitations, has passed. The child injury attorneys at the Law Offices of William E. Johnson, PA will provide a free case evaluation to help you explore the best legal option for pursuing a lawsuit against a school.  To learn more, request a free consultation, or call us today at 561-832-4848.