Why You Should Be Honored to Serve on Jury Duty

William E. Johnson
June 5, 2012
Why everyone should be PROUD to serve on a jury.

The jury system is the glue that holds our democracy together! We are the only country in the world where its CITIZENS decide what behavior is acceptable and unacceptable. In fact, the Judicial system is the ONLY branch of government where the community is asked to participate in and, most importantly, it is the only branch of government that CANNOT be influenced by special interest or corporate money such as political donations or PAC's.

Juries are so vitally important because they are the protectors of society! They are the enforcer of our safety rules. They determine which of our safety rules MUST be followed in order to keep us all safe.

So the next time you are summoned to jury duty, please do so proudly, for it is the highest form of service you can bestow on your country outside of serving in our armed forces.