What to Do if you are Injured at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino

William E. Johnson
June 5, 2012

 If You Are Injured at Seminole Hard Rock Casino-Tough Luck

If you are injured while at the Hard Rock Casino due to their negligence, you cannot sue them. What?

True. The Hard Rock Casino located in Hollywood, Florida, is run by the Seminole Indians. The casinos are located on Seminole property, and the Seminoles are not subject to many laws in Florida. In particular, the Seminoles cannot be sued for ...injuries or accidents which occur on their property.

The Seminole property is treated as sovereign land, i.e. it acts as its own country with its own laws, courts, police, etc. The Seminoles have a claims process to follow but if their insurance company does not want to voluntarily settle your claim with you, you are required to ask the Seminoles for permission to bring a claim against them, and you can imagine what their answer is.