Medical Malpractice: Third Leading Cause of Death in the United States

William E. Johnson
July 18, 2014

Medical Malpractice: Third Leading Cause of Death in the United States

Preventable Medical Errors
Preventable medical errors in hospitals are the third leading cause of death in the United States, after only cancer and heart Palm Beach Medical Malpracticedisease. At a hearing by the Senate Subcommittee on Primary Health and Aging, Sen. Bernie Sanders told the panel:
Medical harm is a major cause of suffering, disability, and death – as well as a huge financial cost to our nation. This is a problem that has not received anywhere near the attention that it deserves and today I hope that we can focus a spotlight on this matter of such grave consequence.
-Sen. Bernie Sanders
As many as 440,000 people die each year from preventable medical errors in hospitals, concluded a recently published study in The Journal of Patient Safety. Further, these medical errors are costing the American taxpayer billions of dollars. According to a 2012 report in the Journal of Health Care Finance, medical errors may cost nearly $1 trillion each year when including indirect costs. 
We need to declare right now that preventable harm is unacceptable and work to prevent all types of harm . . . Medicine today has preventable harm as the third leading cause of death. We do not know how many people die needlessly, but we should.
-Dr. Peter Pronovost
Medical malpractice occurs when treatment by a health care provider falls below the accepted standard of care in the medical community and leads to the injury or death of a patient. If a Florida healthcare provider fails to act where others with similar training would have, they may be liable for any resulting damages. Damages in these types of cases may include:
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Other damages

Further, when a nurse, doctor or other medical professional acts with gross negligence, or if their conduct is willful or malicious, the injured patient may be entitled to punitive damages. Rather than attempting to make the injured victim "whole," these types of damages punish, and are intented to deter others from similar conduct. 


Palm Beach Medical Malpractice Attorney 

If you or a loved one have been injured due to the malpractice of a medical providor, you may be entitled to compensation. Very few doctors are reported for their mistakes. This needs to change to improve medical care and accountability for doctors. If you believe that you have been harmed by the unreasonable mistakes of a physician contact a Palm Beach Injury Lawyer at the Law Offices of William E. Johnson, P.A. Our attorneys will ensure that you get the compensation entitled to you by law from negligent medical care providers. For a free consultation with one of our West Palm Beach medical malpractice lawyers call 561-832-4848. Our offices serve the areas of West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, North Palm Beach, and all of South Florida.

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