Study Recommends Changes to Deadly Palm Beach County Intersection

William E. Johnson
April 11, 2014

Palm Beach County Dangerous Intersection

Hall Boulevard in the Acreage is a wide open, two-mile long, paved street. Driving down the road, one passes several small dirt roads on each side. Suddenly, approaching the intersection of Northlake Blvd., a stop sign seemingly appears out of nowhere. 
This stop sign can be easy to miss. For some, it can be deadly. 
On Feb. 27, a Loxahatchee Groves Elementary School teacher was driving with her two young children when she, like many others, missed the stopped sign. Her failure to stop caused her SUV to slam into an oncoming dump truck, leaving her 4-year-old son dead. 
The tragic car accident prompted Chavez’s father, Ken Archambault, to address the Indian Trail Improvement District Board of Supervisors:
“Put up a damn blinking light there at the very least, or put up a regular light that you have to stop for,” he pleaded. “I’ll be glad to stop, and anybody in this room will be goddamn glad to stop there if it means we can save a life.”
This deadly car crash prompted Palm Beach County traffic engineers to perform a traffic study on the deadly intersection. Still, the study found that traffic volumes “did not warrant a traffic signal,” wrote Deputy County Engineer Tanya McConnell.
Instead, the Palm Beach Post reports, the county will move ahead with other changes to improve the safety of the intersection. The changes include:
  • Refurbishing the existing rumble strips on Hall Boulevard
  • Adding an additional “stop ahead” sign with a flashing light
  • Installing a larger stop sign at the intersection
  • Installing a street-name sign for Northlake Boulevard
  • Installing reflective, raised pavement markers on the South side of the intersection
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