Hit and Run

Hit and run accidents happen frequently in Florida. About 70,000 motorists fled the scene of an accident last year, sometimes jeopardizing the lives of the accident victim. All drivers involved in any type of vehicle collision with individuals or property must report their name, address, and insurance information to the other party involved in the collision, or the local authorities.  Failure to do so is a crime. However, many uninsured drivers simply flee the scene of an acc

ident in order to prevent having to pay for the damage. In other situations the driver may be intoxicated and leave in order to evade arrest.

If involved in a hit and run the most helpful step to take is to write down the license plate and vehicle description of the perpetrator’s automobile. When this happens the perpetrator can be found by police or reported the next time maintenance is performed on the vehicle. Unfortunately, in very serious accidents, this is not always possible. It is then crucial to contact an attorney and file a police report right away to begin the steps of tracking down the responsible individual.

In some cases police may be able to track down the vehicle using forensic evidence, depending on the circumstances of the accident. Finding the individual responsible is very important to being able to fully recover for injuries due to a hit and run, because fleeing the scene of the accident is often enough evidence necessary to prove that the individual was responsible for the accident. Although, if the perpetrator cannot be found, personal insurance may be able to cover some of the medical expenses incurred from the accident. Many Florida auto insurance policies include uninsured motorist coverage. Further, the insurance policy of a co-passenger or house member may also be available to recover damages from.

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