Elevator and Escalator Accident

We take elevators and escalators for granted, but they are complex machines that require proper maintenance to prevent serious injury. Unfortunately, not all land owners take these responsibilities seriously. Elevator and escalator manufacturers may also fail to warn consumers of the dangers of using these machines. When this happens you need an experienced South Florida escalator and elevator accident lawyer to get you compensation for your injuries. 

Florida law requires that all land owners who allow the public or invited individuals onto their property to keep their property safe by removing possible hazards and warning visitors about hazards. Failure to keep premises safe, for example, by failing to warn guests or the public of maximum numbers in elevators or escalators, will make the land owner liable for injuries that occur from these hazards.  In these cases, an injured person must often show that the land owner had a duty to repair, they failed to repair it in line with their duty, and an injury directly resulted. As mentioned before, opening land to the public or certain guests establishes the duty to repair. Also in many cases, courts will find that the mere fact that certain accidents happen, such as elevators suddenly falling, or escalators suddenly failing, will be evidence in itself that the land owner, or individual responsible for maintenance, failed their duty.

Additionally, contracted maintenance personnel may also  be liable for injuries that guests or the public receive on escalators and elevators. This is usually true when maintenance contractors have an exclusive agreement to keep the machinery in good repair. Both maintenance or land owners can also  be held liable if they attempt to repair an elevator or escalator and do so negligently in a way that    causes further malfunction and injury.

One well known example of escalator liability occurred in 2000 at Pro Player stadium when an escalator malfunctioned; sending 200 Miami Dolphins fans into a perilous decent, injuring 30 people. Attorney William E. Johnson convinced the jury that the escalator manufacturer and the    stadium were both responsible for the horrific     event.  

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