Distracted Driving Accidents

Texting and Driving AttorneyAs technology advances, so does the American public's obsession with using it at every hour of every day. Nowhere is this more apparent than the use of the cellphone while driving. When a person is behind the wheel, he or she should be concentrating on driving and nothing else. Still, people are constantly making phone calls, sending texts, getting directions or using other applications when they should be focused on the road ahead.

The injuries in cell phone-related accidents can be much more severe than in other accidents. To use a cellphone, the driver must take his or her eyes off the road. If traffic stops suddenly and the driver is looking down, he or she may not have time to hit the brakes before crashing into the car ahead. Distracted drivers are also prone to drifting into adjacent lanes. If the driver drifts into oncoming traffic, it could result in a full-speed, head-on collision.

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