Archie R. Johnson 1883-1959 


A.R. Johnson, moved from Pike County, Illinois to West Palm Beach in 1926. He opened his law practice in the Comeau Building on Clematis Street.  Of his six children, two of them, Bill and Tom, would follow his footsteps in the practice of law. Bill attended the University of Florida Law School while Tom attended the University of Miami Law School. Bill and Tom subsequently went on to practice law with their father in West Palm Beach. A.R. focused his practice on commercial law while Bill focused his practice on Wills and Probate. Tom went on to be the State Attorney of Palm Beach County, a State Senator and a Circuit Court Judge. A.R. Johnson was known as a "lawyers lawyer" and would become the patriarch of 3 generations of lawyers in Palm Beach County. His great grandson is now attending law school and soon A.R. Johnson will be the patriarch of 4 generations of lawyers in Palm Beach County!